Okafor’s Law of Congo-dynamics:
C1 + P = C∞

It states that if a ‘Congo’ has been ‘shined’ once (C1), it can always be shined again (C∞), provided it was shined properly (P) the previous times and the experience was remarkable.

This law does not take into account other variables such as M (marital status), O (opportunity) and F (Financial status) of either one or both of the parties.


There could be few exceptions, though.

Irrespective of how good the shinning was, the circumstances that even made the original shinning possible might not have been ideal, hence attempts for a repetition may perpetually be repelled.

The ‘shinner’ also has to be on top of his game at every given occasion to sustain elasticity.

The ‘shinnee’ may also meet a better shinner.

So the continuity of the shinning is directly proportional to the consistency of the conditions